Health & Welfare Officer Nominee:

Wellbeing means something different to every student. For me, wellbeing looks like baking Christmas cookies, doing Zumba, singing in choir, complaining to my friends about how confusing a PhD is over desserts I can’t afford, and prioritising my family. I want to know what you think GSA can do to help you improve your wellbeing. Drawing from my experience as a student representative, I understand the need for events that help students connect, which cater to diverse interests and accessibility needs—from physical activities, skills workshops, to social opportunities. Building on my knowledge as a researcher in the student wellbeing field, I understand that wellbeing is closely linked to academic success, and students need safe, stable, and supportive environments in order to thrive academically. Extending on my skills as a social worker, I understand that wellbeing also means access to equitable opportunities, and student equity must be advocated for. I see my role spanning across all these domains, to create and lead opportunities and initiatives that promote health, connection, security, safety, and equity for all students. I want to be led by the student perspective in everything that I do, and I look forward to learning from you this year.