Board Member, International Officer, , Education (Research) Officer Faculty of Science Nominee:

Education (Research) Officer Statement

As Ph.D. candidate in Science, I understand how important research is for the development of education. Being chosen as the Education (Research) Officer would mean my main aim is to create a place where research isn’t only necessary, but also a strong interest that pushes forward new ideas and advancements. I am going to promote the idea of getting more funds and resources for research done by graduate students. This is so they can use very modern facilities and equipment. Also, I plan to improve teamwork across different study areas because I think solving today’s complicated problems needs many kinds of knowledge put together. I plan to start programmes that help different departments and faculties work together, which will make it easier for people to understand research better and use it in various ways. My policy will pay attention as well to improving mental health and good feelings because I know doing research for a graduate degree can bring a lot of stress. I have a plan to set up frequent workshops and groups for support that help with handling stress, managing time, and balancing work with life. My ultimate goal is to grow a community in research that is full of new ideas, works together well, and offers support so all students can achieve their highest possible level of success. Find more about me at

International Officer

If I am voted to be an International Officer, I want to connect local and foreign students together, making a campus that knows about the world and includes everyone. Understanding the special problems international students have, my plan is to make their time at university better by giving them more help and programmes for joining in with everything. I plan to support the creation of detailed introduction meetings. These will include advice on studies, help with adjusting to a new culture, legal aid, and services for mental well-being. In addition, I aim to set up a mentorship scheme where students from other countries are matched with local students so they can share cultures and learn together. The programme is designed to assist foreign students in getting used to their new surroundings and at the same time provide local students with a deeper insight into various cultures. Furthermore, I intend to foster an international mindset among homegrown students by motivating them to participate in overseas studies and research initiatives, which will help them develop a broad global outlook. I am dedicated to building a community that is supportive, active, and open to everyone. It’s important that students from any background can succeed and take part in worldwide discussions. Find more about me at