The Returning Officer can now declare the following candidates to be provisionally elected:

  1. Emily De Wind (2 year term)
  2. Lauren Taylor (2 year term)
  3. Jeremy Waite (2 year term)
  4. Tessa Gould (2 year term)
  5. Mia Zentari (2 year term)
  6. Megumi Hui Ai Lim (2 year term)
  7. Fia Hamid-Walker (2 year term)
  8. Catherine Allingham (2 year term)
  9. Theodora Wong (1 year term)
  10. Lilian Day (1 year term)
  11. Matthew Harper-Gomm (1 year term)

Note: These results are provisional until the Electoral Tribunal has approved them. The final results of the election will be announced upon that approval.

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For any queries relating to the GSA election, please contact the Returning Officer, Stephen Luntz:

Notice: Appeal of the election results

The electoral tribunal is hearing an appeal of the results at 10am Friday 29 May. The appeal relates to the standing interpretation of the Constitution and electoral regulations that students on leave from their course are not able to participate in the election.

Students who would like to attend the appeal over Zoom can email to request to join.