Proposed changes to GSA Constitution

GSA is proposing to amend its Constitution in 2020. These changes are intended to ensure we are fully compliant with the Associations Incorporation Reform Act (2012), and to address feedback received from graduates about previous proposals in 2018.

Your feedback is highly valued. We look forward to hearing from you all about concerns and questions. The draft constitution is being widely distributed over March and April, and our goal is to undertake extensive consultation before we propose the final amendment.

Blog: Read more about our proposed changes

Read proposed Constitution (draft)

Feedback form

After viewing the proposed Constitution draft, please fill out your feedback below.

This feedback form is scheduled to be open until Thursday 30 April.

GSA Constitution 2020: Feedback form

Further discussion | Contact details

If you want to be contacted for further discussion with a GSA Council member, please fill out your contact details below. We will try to get your further input via a telephone call, focus group (April 2020) or a meeting.
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