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The Heart And Lung Society is a University of Melbourne Medical School student run society focused on delivering fun and educational workshops, content, seminars, and events, in cardiology, respiratory medicine,…

Outlook Rural Health Club (Moovin Health)


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Outlook Rural Health Club is a multidisciplinary student organisation passionate about improving health outcomes for rural and remote Australians. With specific focus given to Indigenous Health and Community involvement, we…

Chinese Studies Research Group (CSRG)


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Meets several times a year on Fridays to discuss and share ideas and experiences relating to researching China, and holds regular Research Days to provide Chinese Studies researchers with the…

Victorian Environmental Law Student Network (VELSN)


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The Victorian Environmental Law Student Network (VELSN) is a group based at Melbourne University that aims to build connections between students who are interested in environmental and planning law, animal…

MD Choral and Acapella Society (MDCAS)


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The MD A Cappella Society (MDACS) is an exciting new not-for-profit choral/a cappella group for medical students. MDACS aims to create a fun and inclusive community, offering medical students an…

Med Moves (MM)


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Med Moves is a dance group for graduate students studying a health-related course. We provide opportunities to participate in all forms of dance, through casual classes and performances. In addition,…

Students of Neuropsychiatry Research (SONR)


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Our aim as a student group is to enhance the academic and professional life of SONR Postgraduate Students. We want to encourage social interaction of students within the Melbourne Neuropsychiatry…

Australian Students’ Society of Haematology (ASSH)


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ASSH is a student interest group that aims to enhance the knowledge of graduate students in important topics in haematology, and encourage them to explore the whole gamut of possible…

Postgraduates of Veterinary Science (POVS)


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Represents the interests of graduate students in Veterinary Science by running academic and social events, creating a support network, and sitting on committees or proposing changes.