Outlook Rural Health Club (Moovin Health)


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Outlook Rural Health Club is a multidisciplinary student organisation passionate about improving health outcomes for rural and remote Australians. With specific focus given to Indigenous Health and Community involvement, we…

Melbourne Population and Global Health Students Society (MPGHSS)


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A community network for Public Health Students, Alumni and Staff at the University of Melbourne. This group aims to provide a platform that enables networks to be formed and strengthened…

Public Policy Grad Group (PPGG)


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The Public Policy Graduate Group (PPGG) was founded in early 2019 by a couple of Master of Public Policy and Management students at the University of Melbourne who wanted to…

Students in Primary Care Research (SPCR)


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This group fosters and maintains peer support among graduate students in the Department of General Practice, facilitates professional development and study skill opportunities and promotes and enhances the value of…

Korean Medical Society (KMS)


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We are a social and professional group for medical students of Korean heritage at the University of Melbourne. We seek to promote interaction, welfare and collaboration between medical students of…

Melbourne University Nepali Students’ Society (MUNSS)


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This group is a networking society for students, alumni and staff of the University of Melbourne, who are originally from Nepal. It organises meetings, workshops and conferences on development, education…

Culture and Communication Graduate Committee (CCGC)


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An independent, student-run committee which aims to provide fair and equitable representation for all graduate students within the School of Culture and Communications, this group builds a spirit of collegiality…

Graduate Research Association MSPGH (GRAM)


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The Graduate Researcher Association MSPGH (GRAM) is for graduate researchers who are linked to the Melbourne School of Population and Global Health, University of Melbourne. The aim of GRAM is…

Indian Institutes Graduates (I2G)


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The Indian Institutes Graduates (I2G) is a social and professional group, created initially to bring students with IIT (Indian Institute of Technology) and IISc (Indian Institute of Science) backgrounds under…