Melbourne University Obstetrics and Gynaecology Society (MUOGS)


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We are a student-run organisation created for students interested in the field of obstetrics and gynaecology. Our aims are to: 1. Increase awareness & encourage opportunities to explore the field…

Melbourne University Planning Student Society (MUPSS Planning)


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Connecting people through a culture of inclusiveness, mutual relationships and fun, this group seeks to bridge the pathway to employment, promote planning as a discipline and help make the Melbourne…

Culture and Communication Graduate Committee (CCGC)


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An independent, student-run committee which aims to provide fair and equitable representation for all graduate students within the School of Culture and Communications, this group builds a spirit of collegiality…

De Minimis


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The Melbourne Law School’s weekly student newspaper, with coverage of law school events and other things of interest to the law student. Organised and published by students, for students.

Postgraduate Environment Network (PEN)


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An environmental networking group devoted to promoting events and issues to the Masters of Environment students. PEN is open for anyone to join, with its core membership made up of…

Global Law Students Association (GLSA)


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The GLSA seeks out global career opportunities for Melbourne Law students, shares news of international transactions and discusses intricacies of current international relations. The goal of the GLSA is to…

Graduate Education Society (GES)


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Provides a network for graduate students in the Melbourne School of Education. Offers social functions, general peer advice and support for students and a professional network to help students gain…

Graduate Research Association MSPGH (GRAM)


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The Graduate Researcher Association MSPGH (GRAM) is for graduate researchers who are linked to the Melbourne School of Population and Global Health, University of Melbourne. The aim of GRAM is…

Geography Postgraduate Society (GPS)


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Formally represents graduates at the School of Geography. Creates a support network for graduate students and a range of social and academic activities and assists students in accessing software, equipment,…

Animal Welfare Science Students of the UoM (AWSSUM)


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The purposes of AWSSUM are: (1) To enhance the academic and professional life of Animal Welfare graduate students at the University of Melbourne (UoM). (2) To promote interaction, welfare and…