Students in Primary Care Research Publishing Group (SPCR-P) (PD4PC)


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This group aims to foster the academic and professional development of graduate students in the Department of General Practice. It focuses on assisting students to communicate and publish their research…

Postgraduates of Veterinary Science (POVS)


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Represents the interests of graduate students in Veterinary Science by running academic and social events, creating a support network, and sitting on committees or proposing changes.

Public Policy Grad Group (PPGG)


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The Public Policy Graduate Group (PPGG) was founded in early 2019 by a couple of Master of Public Policy and Management students at the University of Melbourne who wanted to…

Society of Marketing and Communications (SMAC)


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The Society of Marketing and Communication (SMAC) provides academic and social support to our cohort undertaking the Master of Marketing Communications. We offer our members increased career opportunities by connecting…

Speech Pathology Students’ Society (SPSS)


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SPSS represents the collective needs and wants of Masters of Speech Pathology students at the University of Melbourne. SPSS aims to unite the two year levels enrolled in the Speech…

Interprofessional Education and Practice Health Students Network (IPEP-HSN)


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To establish an interprofessional network of healthcare graduates to foster early collaboration, transform education and delivery of healthcare. To promote and develop effective interprofessional education and practice through curriculum review…

Korean Medical Society (KMS)


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We are a social and professional group for medical students of Korean heritage at the University of Melbourne. We seek to promote interaction, welfare and collaboration between medical students of…

Melbourne University Nepali Students’ Society (MUNSS)


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This group is a networking society for students, alumni and staff of the University of Melbourne, who are originally from Nepal. It organises meetings, workshops and conferences on development, education…