Victorian Environmental Law Student Network (VELSN)


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The Victorian Environmental Law Student Network (VELSN) is a group based at Melbourne University that aims to build connections between students who are interested in environmental and planning law, animal…

MD Diverse Educational Backgrounds Society


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The MD Diverse Educational Backgrounds Society (MD-DEBS) is a student society for medical students at the University of Melbourne, which aims to welcome and support incoming MD1 students from non-traditional…

Students of Landscape Architecture (SOLA)


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SOLA is a 100% student-run organisation for students who are interested in or are studying landscape architecture. SOLA aims to foster a sense of community and to bring students landscape…

Students of Neuropsychiatry Research (SONR)


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Our aim as a student group is to enhance the academic and professional life of SONR Postgraduate Students. We want to encourage social interaction of students within the Melbourne Neuropsychiatry…

Australian Students’ Society of Haematology (ASSH)


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ASSH is a student interest group that aims to enhance the knowledge of graduate students in important topics in haematology, and encourage them to explore the whole gamut of possible…

BusinessOne Consulting


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We are a pro-bono student consulting group rapidly expanding from our origins at UNSW. After huge success at UNSW, we are pioneering a team at The University of Melbourne. What…

Cancer Society of Melbourne University (CSM)


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Is the first student-run organisation in affiliation with the GSA of Melbourne University to create a foundation that donates primarily to cancer charities and fosters student interest in both oncological…

Chilean Research Group of Australia (CREGA)


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Promotes Chilean students’ research projects from all faculties of The University of Melbourne, providing Chilean Students communication with each other, and maintaining liaison with other students’ organizations from Australia with…

Postgraduates of Veterinary Science (POVS)


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Represents the interests of graduate students in Veterinary Science by running academic and social events, creating a support network, and sitting on committees or proposing changes.

Public Policy Grad Group (PPGG)


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The Public Policy Graduate Group (PPGG) was founded in early 2019 by a couple of Master of Public Policy and Management students at the University of Melbourne who wanted to…