News from the Policy and Advocacy team – 16th November 2022

Last week GSA was invited to review the University of Melbourne’s Authorship Policy. The policy impacts any graduate researchers undertaking or hoping to undertake research.

The scope of the draft policy is below:

“Excluding patents, this policy applies to the dissemination of all University of Melbourne research, referred to throughout the policy as University ‘research outputs’. This policy also applies to the attribution of authorship in materials developed in the course of research such as research proposals, grant applications, reports for funding agencies and tenders.”

GSA is inviting graduates to share their views on the policy with GSA’s Policy and Advocacy team. If you have experienced issues with the current policy, have lack of clarity about the policy, or encountered misinformation related to authorship, we encourage you to speak to us. We are reviewing the policy and will ensure that those issues are reflected in the recommendations we provide.

Any information provided to us will be kept anonymous and will be anonymised for the purpose of the submission. We offer this option for anyone who prefers to have their views represented by GSA. Alternatively, all members of the University community can comment on the draft policy through the policy consultation hub.

To provide your feedback directly, please email by the 22nd of November to ensure that your insights are collated and presented to the University before the cut off date.