Monday 27 April 2020

Grad Groups are student-led, student-run groups that are affiliated with the Graduate Student Association for funding and support. They’re a vital part of the student community at the University of Melbourne.

In Monday’s GradChat, GSA’s CEO Rachna along with six Grad Group leaders discuss what it means to run and be a part of a Grad Group at GSA.

We showcase all the creative and innovative ways each Grad Group has fostered engagement within their communities and shared ideas for future projects or collaborations.

We break down the processing of starting a Grad Group, joining a Grad Group, the ways in which GSA can support you through either journey, and how to go about accessing funding streams, training and online resources through GSA.

You can join a Grad Group from a diverse range of interests – from academic, business, cultural and political interests, to social justice, sustainability, welfare, creative media and performance.

“We’re a group formed by a few medical students who missed being in choirs back in undergrad, back when we had a bit more time … We thought: what better way to take a bit of time off than do a bit of singing with our friends?”

—Matthew, MD Choral and Acapella Society (MDCAS) President

About our guests
  • Grad Groups Engagement Officer Subah
  • Melbourne University Nursing Students’ Society (MUNSS) President – Michael
  • Film, Art, Media and Entertainment Law Students Society (FAME LSA) Co-President – Peter; Co-President – Coco
  • The MD Choral and Acapella Society (MDCAS) President – Matthew
  • African Studies Group President –  Kennedy
  • Melbourne University Planning Student Society (MUPSS) President – Vincent
  • Crossing Borders Melbourne – President – Shannen

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