Tuesday 12th May 2020

Join GSA CEO Rachna Muddagouni and GSA General Manager Tevita Lesuma as they discuss the benefits of managing your time.

Rachna discusses the importance of time management (3:11), how to effectively manage time (10:04), explores the concept of time as money (16:56), the benefit of keeping a record of your work (21:00), the benefits of setting small, medium and long term goals (23:10), the importance of having a plan considering the incoming exam period (31:04), tools to improve your scheduling (41:35), and an explanation of the Time Management Matrix (43:18)

Tevita talks about a process his team uses to apply time management (14:58), giving yourself the space you might need to achieve your goals (27:37) provides a workplace example of how time management is segmented among the workplace (37:45), as well as emphasising the importance of being kind to yourself as you set yourself these goals (53:05)