Wednesday 3rd June 2020

GSA is joined by UMSU Legal Principal Lawyer Alan Yang, who takes us through the changes in the employment and tenancy laws affecting students during this time.

Yang provides a disclaimer stating that “this information does not substitute for professional legal advice” (10:00)

Alan Yang explores the legal impacts of COVID-19, and how it has lead to the changes in tenancy law and employment law. (10:33)

In terms of tenancy law changes (12:35), issues covered are the moratorium of eviction (14:10), rent reduction (17:40), ending your lease early (32:25) and financial help (30:38). Yang also discusses the issues in financial advice given by real estate agents. (33:54)

The employment law changes that Yang discusses are about JobKeeper (39:55) and the directions that JobKeeper enables. (43:00)

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