Monday 11 May 2020

Join us at GSA for another GradChat where we hear from representatives from a variety of different Grad Groups to understand what they can offer to students.

Jarrod, President of the MSD Research Students Association talks about the academic support that students can receive within the group, and how the group has swiftly responded to the lack of support they felt they were receiving from the faculty (8:25)

Amber, Vice President of the International Graduate Student Wellbeing Group talks about how the group has been engaging with each other online to substitute their usual activities, setting daily challenges and sharing breakfasts on Facebook and WeChat (14:45)

Melody, President of the Graduate Agricultural and Food Society discusses how the group works to connect the students within the faculty together, and how the group is planning to organise online talks with food industry professionals (19:23)

Daniel, President of the Students in Orthopeadic Musculoskeletal Academia talks about how the group has paused to prepare their academic and support services for students, continuing to run their journal clubs as well as plans to reengage with campus resources (27:00)

Sadeep, Co-President from Sri Lankan Graduate Society talks about how the group is planning to reorganise their AGM, and the events they hold being open to anyone to develop knowledge and appreciation for Sri Lankan culture (32:40)

Rachna and Subah talk about how Grad Groups can hold their AGM’s via Zoom, and the level of reporting required for Grad Groups (5:00) about how it beneficial to be able to keep records of how Grad Groups have been operating, (6:49) talking about special grants and how GSA wants to hear about how successful the funds were for the Grad Groups (13:30) details about the AGM annual reporting dates (36:45)