Wednesday 27th May 2020

Dr Erica Frydenberg, Clinical Psychologist at the Melbourne Graduate School of Education explores setting boundaries for your children, and the challenges that arise in setting rules.

Dr Frydenberg runs through what is being covered (8:30), sets out the importance of understanding your children’s strengths (11:40) and feeling like you are in charge (15:25). Dr Frydenberg lists types of boundaries, explicating them as limits (16:25) by setting firm rules (19:57). Dr Frydenberg notes the importance of I-Messages, to be an assertive parent (21:16), understanding reasons behind resistance (28:18) and explains the Collaborative Problem Solving model (CPS) (34:50). The importance of using soft voice versus loud voice is discussed (40:30), as Dr Frydenberg poses some parting questions to reflect on (50:15)