Wednesday May 13th 2020

GSA is joined by Silva Nazaretian, Health and Wellness Program Coordinator at the Southern Migrant and Refugee Centre for this weeks Parents Edition about creating a routine for children.

Silva talks about the benefits of routine (4:08), talking small with routine setting (6:10), making visual schedules (9:10), adjusting to routines (12:38), how to help school age children learn (17:20), thoughts on transitioning back to school (19:08), thinking about hobbies and new activities (25:30), and notes what to watch out for (30:30)

Questions asked:
14:58 – “Do you have any suggestions to create a routine for babies? My babies sleep time is very random and not consistent”
21:15 – “How do we think about transitioning to ‘normalcy’?”
37:03 – “Do you have any suggestions for hygiene practice before going to the grocery store?”

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