Wednesday 6 May 2020

This week for our Parents Edition we explore mental health.

GSA CEO Rachna Muddagouni speaks to Associate Professor Erica Frydenberg who provides guidance for how families can maintain their wellbeing during quarantine, and goes into depth about the various ways that families and people are coping at the moment. Professor Frydenberg explains what is meant by coping (16:10), and explores two different types of coping: productive coping (18:20) (37:33) and non-productive coping (23:38) (42:10)

Frydenberg also responds to the following questions

“My son who is in year 1 is introverted in nature. He’s not looking forward to school as he’s enjoying work at home, are there any strategies or tips for children to feel comfortable about returning to school?” 19:54

“Are there any strategies on how to help people reset their goals during the COVID-19 time?” 28:20

“How to feel motivated to study whilst trying to take care of my child?” 31:40

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