Tuesday 7th July 2020

We sat down with GSA Council Members and Graduate Representatives on Monday to hear from each of them about their journey’s so far.

We asked Cate Allingham and Stefan Joksic about their intentions for the GSA Council. That is, in terms of what they wanted to achieve on the Council, as well as why they got on board.

We then asked Will Arnel and Alice Kim, both Graduate Representatives, about their intentions for their roles, what encouraged them to take up representative roles and how this has impacted on their learning overall.

Our guests were interviewed in the following order:

– Cate Allingham, GSA Women’s Officer (1:40)
– Stefan Joksic, GSA Council Member (7:00)
– Alice Kim, Graduate Student Representative on the Occupational Health and Safety Committee (12:15)
– Will Arnel, Graduate Student Representative on the MDHS Clinical Placements Committee (20:30)