Monday 4 April 2020

In this week’s GradChat, Rachna and Subah speak to representatives from five different Graduate Groups to discuss what the groups can offer to students during this period. This ranges from projects to stay engaged with, and how Graduate Groups can nurture a sense of belonging and togetherness during this time. We also explore how staying engaged with a variety of Graduate Groups can be fulfilling in a variety of ways.

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  • 10:26 Leigh from the Animal Welfare Science Students of the University of Melbourne explains the support that the group provides to each other, and the virtual workspaces they are using to cultivate the usual writing platforms they would have.
  • 21:29 Rachel from the Student Conservators discusses adjusting to recent changes to their course and the meetings that they have had as a group to explore the use of webinars and social events like screenings
  • 25:35 Alejandra from the Paraguayan Student Society goes into detail with the fun and engaging ways that the group has engaged with quarantine and their homeland
  • 37:45 Marcus from Melbourne University Graduate Christian Union talks about the ways that the group is hoping to assist with engaging in Christianity at the moment, from bible studies to social calls
  • 42:00 Emily from the Classics & Archaeology Postgraduate Group details the online events substituting the usual events, ranging from online fireside chats, classics and academic reading groups
  • 16:00, 33:47, 44:34 Subah discusses the grants that are available from the university at the moment.

The Grad Groups in this meeting:

  1. Paraguayan student society (PSA)
  2. Melbourne University Graduate Christian Union (MUGCU)
  3. Animal Welfare Science Students of the University of Melbourne (AWSSUM)
  4. Classics & Archaeology Postgraduate Group (CAPG)
  5. Student Conservators (SC)

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