Thursday 21st May 2020 

Join us as GSA CEO Rachna Muddagouni speaks to Professor Steve Trumble, Head of Department, Medical Education, Melbourne Medical School about how the faculty is providing support to their students during this time.

Professor Trumble talks about the impact that this current period has had on the faculty as a whole (3:44), about when clinical placements may be reopened for the faculty, and changes to students timelines (9:14), what the communication is going to be about the changes to medical education (15:18), comments about the WAM (20:46), what the future of medical specialization might look like (26:00), how education may change in the future post-COVID (30:08). Professor Trumble responds to questions about how online exams might look like (32:44), concerns about uncertainty about education (37:41), questions about the cost of the course when it’s being delivered online (42:58), updates from the Commonwealth Government about how they will support medical education (46:30)