Thursday 14th May 2020

We are joined by Sarah-Ann Tay, Clinical Psychologist from CAPS and Vanessa Stanton, UMSU Financial Counsellor as we tackle the financial stress that students have been finding themselves, as well as explore ways to support students.

Vanessa details how a financial councilor can help (2:32), information about credit cards (5:08), talking about debt (10:12) and the ways to get out of debt (12:37), and the types of scams to be weary about (27:02) ASIC information about credit cards:

Budget planner:
Scam information:
Current COVID-19 Scams:

If you’d like to contact Vanessa for assistance you can email her at –

Sarah-Ann goes into detail about the services that CAPS is offering to it’s students at the moment

CAPS Resource about managing stress and anxiety:
CAPS Services: