Wednesday 1st July 2020

GSA CEO Rachna Muddagouni speaks to Victorian Legal Aid Lawyer Jen Lynch about Discrimination Law. Jen Lynch provides an overview of Discrimination Law and explores situations that are discriminatory.

Disclaimer: This is not a substitute for professional legal advice

Jen talks about the three main elements that are protected in discrimination law (6:20) as well as areas that are covered by the law (10:29). Jen talks about the different types of discrimination: direct discrimination (11:56), indirect discrimination (18:59), reasonable adjustments (26:15), sexual harassment (29:06), victimisation (35:20) and racial & religious vilification (40:50). Jen also explains what isn’t discrimination (46:02) and offers the options when making a complaint about discrimination (48:20). Finally, there is an overview of the claims process (49:50). 

Jen Lynch is a lawyer in the Equality Law Program at Victoria Legal Aid. The Equality Law Program specialises in providing legal advice and assistance in relation to discrimination and sexual harassment claims under State and Federal discrimination laws. Jen has worked at Victoria Legal Aid for three years, including two years working in the Mental Health and Disability law team providing legal advice and advocacy in relation to the Mental Health Act.