Thursday 7th May 2020
GSA’s Tevita Lesuma is joined by Megan Dench, Manager of Careers and Employability for Student and Scholarly Services, who provides advice on the resources Graduate Students can still use to cultivate their job profile and fortify their employability.

 Megan talks about the careers and employability studio going fully virtual (5:34), virtual sessions and workshops being moved online (8:02), employer events being moved online (10:18), talks about SMART Resume (12:40) and Ask Alumni (15:50) and also talks about LinkedIn and how it is such a valued research tool (22:30). Megan also talks about the wealth of accumulating your practices and experiences during your studies organically to improve your career development. (41:15)
Vibol Hy, GSA Project Officer (Representation Support & Volunteer Management) talks about GSA Volunteer Program that will help students transition to work, and what that entails. 25:15
Tevita also talks about LEAD, a program the GSA has been running for two years to help students foster their leadership qualities, that will be running in July this year. 31:35