Graduate House Student Group (GHSG)


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Dedicated to encouraging and facilitating graduate socialisation by organising events and providing a format for members to take the initiative and reach out to others within the graduate community and…

Graduate Infrastructure Engineering Society (GIES)


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GIES represents all graduate students enrolled through the Department of Infrastructure Engineering. We provide social connectivity and advocacy to students and work closely with academic staff to represent the student…

Graduate Organisation of Development Students (GOODS)


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A postgraduate student group dedicated to supporting Development Studies students in their academic, professional and social pursuits while at the University of Melbourne. It organises, facilitates and promotes extracurricular social…

Graduate Research Association MSPGH (GRAM)


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The Graduate Researcher Association MSPGH (GRAM) is for graduate researchers who are linked to the Melbourne School of Population and Global Health, University of Melbourne. The aim of GRAM is…

Graduate Researchers in Psychological Sciences (GRIPS)


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Runs social and professional development events on topics ranging from systematic reviews to career options and develops the community of the School of Psychological Sciences.

Graduate Social Science Society (GSSS)


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The Graduate Social Sciences Society (GSSS) promotes a student community based on social interaction, discussion, and collaboration on topics related to the social sciences. It aims to foster an environment…

Indian Graduate Students Society (IGSS)


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Indian Graduate Students Society (IGSS) envisions to be the biggest Indian community group existing at the University of Melbourne. It aims at working towards making the transition of Indian students…

Indian Institutes Graduates (I2G)


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The Indian Institutes Graduates (I2G) is a social and professional group, created initially to bring students with IIT (Indian Institute of Technology) and IISc (Indian Institute of Science) backgrounds under…

Indigenous Graduate Student Association (IGSA)


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Exists to foster collaboration and communication of research ideas between all Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander graduate students, and non-indigenous students, while engaging and supporting undergraduate students and other Aboriginal…

International Graduate Student Wellbeing Group (IGSWG)


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The International Graduate Student Well-being Group (IGSWG) aims to support graduate international students by looking after their health and well-being. We believe that moving to a new country to study…