Postgraduate Environment Network (PEN)


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An environmental networking group devoted to promoting events and issues to the Masters of Environment students. PEN is open for anyone to join, with its core membership made up of…

Graduate Agriculture and Food Society (GAFS)


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A graduate group focused on improving the student experience for graduate students within the department of Agriculture and Food Science. Our programs are thus aimed to enhance social and academic…

Graduate Education Society (GES)


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Provides a network for graduate students in the Melbourne School of Education. Offers social functions, general peer advice and support for students and a professional network to help students gain…

Graduate House Student Group (GHSG)


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Dedicated to encouraging and facilitating graduate socialisation by organising events and providing a format for members to take the initiative and reach out to others within the graduate community and…

Graduate Infrastructure Engineering Society (GIES)


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GIES represents all graduate students enrolled through the Department of Infrastructure Engineering. We provide social connectivity and advocacy to students and work closely with academic staff to represent the student…

Graduate Organisation of Development Students (GOODS)


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A postgraduate student group dedicated to supporting Development Studies students in their academic, professional and social pursuits while at the University of Melbourne. It organises, facilitates and promotes extracurricular social…

Graduate Research Association MSPGH (GRAM)


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The Graduate Researcher Association MSPGH (GRAM) is for graduate researchers who are linked to the Melbourne School of Population and Global Health, University of Melbourne. The aim of GRAM is…

Graduate Researchers in Psychological Sciences (GRIPS)


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Runs social and professional development events on topics ranging from systematic reviews to career options and develops the community of the School of Psychological Sciences.