Melbourne South Asian Law Society (MSALS)

The aims of the group are to help recognise and integrate the South Asian Region’s (the ‘SAR’) potential to contribute to the international body of Common Law; to generate interest in sub-jurisdictions within the SAR; to create and foster inter-SAR relationships; to provide a platform for research on or related to laws in the SAR; to foster an understanding of law and culture of the SAR in Australia; to bring together persons of all backgrounds with an interest in law and culture of the SAR; to facilitate relationships between our members and professional entities that engage in the SAR law; to promote comparative research on law and culture of the SAR, its sub-jurisdictions and other jurisdictions and legal systems, including Australia; to interact and cooperate with other persons or entities to promote these aims and purposes; and, to establish, support and supervise Alumni Networks in the SAR sub-jurisdictions.

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