We are a graduate student group based in the School of Social and Political Sciences. We welcome all individuals using ethnography as a methodology and those interested in learning more about ethnographic research. We strive to enhance the academic and professional life of graduate students at the University of Melbourne who study ethnography, to provide academic support to fellow graduates and thus foster communication of research ideas and collaborations, and to promote interaction, welfare and cohesion between graduate students.

We have been functioning for approximately ten years as a student-led group that also gives PhD students the opportunity to share their research with other PhD candidates. Under the supervision of Dr. Monica Minnegal, this club is one of the few places where PhD and master’s students conducting ethnography can have open and in-depth discourse about issues and experiences before, during, and after completing their fieldwork.

Typically, Ethnoforum meets eight times per year on the second Friday of each month. We are recognized and supported by the academics in the department, and often academics come to the events to learn about and engage with student research. Over the coming semester, our events include discussions on ethnography in conflict areas, conducting ethnography within bureaucracy, Ethnography in Australia, and language and Ethnography.

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