Board Member, Activities Officer and Law Nominee:

Hi everyone, my name is Ginevra Greco and I am a current second year Juris Doctor student. I am eagerly drawn to applying for the GSA Board and Activates positions because of the incredible impact these positions have on the graduate student life and experience at UniMelb! As a law student, I know how important solid governance is for the structure of an organisation and its members. Without it, there is no direction and plan. As your board member, I will continuously strive to ensure that GSA has a plan for all its students. I will consistently connect with my student peers to ensure their voices are welcomed in the administrative processes of GSA. GSA has also been so welcoming to me and I want that experience to continue on for all other graduate students. That is why I am also interested in Activities as I will ensure that our activities engage our members and make the UniMelb experience the best it can be! Vote 1 for me for Board and Activities and Vote[1] Together to support Student Livelihoods, Responsible Governance and an Uplifted University Experience.