A project for the times

This has been such a tough year (and it’s only April)! You and your group members are probably in extra need of some TLC – here’s a way to bring some instant joy, and sense of community to help see your group through this challenging period.

Digital care package

Bundle together some fabulous online offerings to deliver straight to all your members’ inboxes. There are so many possibilities for what you could include (perhaps even some suggestions from this guide!), but thinking of avenues to help members escape from day-to-day routine and from cramped indoor spaces would be good starting point. Or, on the other hand, some subtle and caring ways to tune in more to the little things that surround each of us, which we can try and take more notice of to bring a bit more joy to our days cooped up.
You may like to include:

  • Online magazine/newspaper subscription
  • Playlists/watchlists/reading lists
  • Poems
  • Podcasts
  • Online exercise class membership

An ongoing project

Though this is a time of limbo, with so much on hold, and plans up in the air, it could also be a great opportunity: gather together all those loose ends into an exciting project that isn’t just ‘for now’, but filled with long-term potential.

Create a podcast

Reach out to your group members’ interests and expertise – what are they researching? Who are they working with? What are they hoping to achieve and how? Great podcasts centre on interesting conversations, personal stories, public narratives, investigations and insightful questions. The possibilities for your group creating a podcast forum are endless.



  • – Remote recording software. After a 30-day free trial, ‘Basic’ package is US$7.99 p/m and ‘Premium’ package is US$18.99 p/m.
  • – Another remote recording software. Offers a free package, and ‘Premium’ package for US$20.00 p/m.

Create a newsletter/zine

Develop a written forum your members could contribute to. Like a podcast, options for a group newsletter or zine are pretty limitless. Whereas a newsletter may focus on updating members about each others’ research, or other hobbies/projects they’ve got going on, a zine may work as a forum for creative writing, essays, recipes, poetry, photography or other art work.