Looking after yourself

Things you can do

  • Be in nature and observe life, maybe spend time with a particular tree and enter a regular conversation with it.
  • Stay present to what you’re feeling – your emotions are probably changing on an hourly basis; observe them, be curious about what’s triggering them.
  • Celebrate the wins for the planet as a consequence of this de-growth period. Join in its relief and spend some time hanging out with some beautiful sea and land creatures. We are part of nature, after all.
  • Plant seeds and grow a garden (even if it’s pots on the balcony, or inside).
  • Cook using ingredients which look after you (that is, immune-boosting, health-enhancing superfoods)! And embrace the opportunity to spend time in the kitchen. (Look here for fabulous dinner suggestions).
  • Create a routine for your day. Include break times, walks, coffee chats with loved ones via Zoom.
  • Snuggle up on the sofa for these comfort viewings!
  • Get into all those books you’ve been intending to read (or get some inspiration). You can grow your home library too – order books from local bookstores, many bookshops are offering free delivery to surrounding areas.
  • Buy food from local businesses and grocery stores.
  • Know that through these few things, you can care for you community, too.

Meditation and Exercise

  • A bit of help to make some head and heart space is very welcome during stressful times – try these free meditation offerings from the team behind Calm meditation app.
  • And/or tune in at 8am to A-Space‘s half hour morning meditation.
  • Yoga is bliss and relief. Get into some stretching, strength and breath with these wonderful online practices from Estuary Yoga Studio. Give back a little too if you can.

Articles to Bring Calm

Podcasts for Wisdom