Keeping Your Community Together

Where to Meet

So, given the pub, the café, your mate’s backyard are all out, where can you get together, chat, see each other’s faces?
There are endless online platforms which tick all of these boxes. The few we’ve listed have free and/or premium options, depending on your needs. These platforms are great places to meet and use as starting points for some of the activities and projects we’ll talk about below.

Learn where you can meet up

Activities and Projects

Your world has just shrunk to your house’s four walls (plus a brisk step out to the park, or a frenzied dash to the supermarket). This doesn’t seem like much to work with in terms of keeping your group active and engaged. Yet appearances can be deceiving! Check out some great regular activities you can do together, and some exciting bigger projects you can work on whilst apart!


Leisure time

Discover ways to enjoy your free time together as a group, or individually, (with the possibility to share what you did with each other afterwards). Here you can find some fab options to wind-down, escape from your study and inside space.

Ideas on how to spend your time

How to Study

Studying from home can be challenging even when all is well with the world. Here are some ways that your group can keep focused, and, most importantly, get together for group projects whilst the world is that bit under the weather.

Tips on how to stay focused