Group Administration and Leadership


There are many online options you can use to work together and keep in touch. (See suggestions below in ‘governance’, and ‘where to meet’)
If you have not already done so we recommend creating a Slack Channel, Whatsapp Group or Messenger Group to use as an informal communications platform for your committee. This way you can all stay across each other’s activities and ideas.

Managing Documentation and Information

Setting up a Google Document or shared Word document is a live, interactive way to work on projects together. Creating a shared Google Drive is a great way to manage multiple items in an organised manner. Treasurers, for example, can use platforms like this to keep track of tax invoices for reimbursement and budgeting outlines.


The reimbursement process for your group’s expenses remains the same. Just fill out an annual funding claim with the required information and tax receipts attached and your group will receive reimbursement from its annual funding balance.
If your group is experiencing financial hardship due to the COVID-19 outbreak please get in touch with us via or phone 1800-GSA-HELP. We can provide you with administrative support and/or financial relief where applicable.


Both Special General Meetings and Annual General Meetings can be conducted online via platforms such as Skype, Zoom, or Microsoft Teams. If voting is taking place in order to elect a new committee, proxy voting can also be conducted online through platforms like Survey Monkey, Slido and Google Forms.

Most of these services are free or are available on a trial basis (see more info below in ‘where to meet’). GSA will, however, endeavor to financially assist Grad Groups for the costs associated with COVID-19 challenges. If you feel your group requires financial assistance to help transition to online governance, or if have concerns about your constitutional capacity to hold online General Meetings, please get in touch via or phone 1800-GSA-HELP.

Some extra advice on leadership
It’s an especially difficult time for group leaders. Here are some thoughts that may prove useful for you as members of executive committees.