Health and Safety

Grad Groups need to meet health and safety requirements of any activity they undertake. In particular, you should be aware of any health and safety requirements relating to your events and activities, serving food and alcohol and if you hold any event where children will be present.

Grad Group committee members must make a reasonable effort to observe health and safety recommendations and exercise due diligence. When running events, committees risk facing legal liabilities or penalties if accidents occur.

The University of Melbourne’s safety documentation

Food and alcohol

If events involves food or alcohol, Grad Groups must adhere to these minimum food and alcohol safety requirements:

  • Develop food and alcohol safety plans for the event
  • Ensure that members managing food and alcohol had valid training certificates (food-handling and RSA), or that the event is held at a venue with appropriately trained staff
  • If selling or fundraising with food or alcohol, seek appropriate council permits, licence or a fundraising licence.

Groups can find out more about their obligations when hosting events involving food and alcohol from the following sources:

Student camps or retreats

Off-campus camps or retreats need to be carefully planned. As a minimum, Grad Groups will need to provide GSA with the following documents:

  • Food plan
  • First aid certificate for the first aider present
  • Participant list
  • Emergency plan

If groups are providing alcohol, they will also need to undertake an alcohol risk assessment. GSA will only insure groups with public liability if provided with the correct documentation before the event.