Grad Group Resources

Managing your Grad Group takes time, planning and documentation! Below you’ll find a selection of resources to help you keep on top of all your Grad Group administration and management.

If there’s anything missing or anything else you’d like support with, just let us know at

General Group management

Grad Groups logo

Grad Groups event promotion templates

Use these templates to promote your events on social media. Mention us in your posts if you would like us to publicise your event on GSA’s platforms!

Badge making

You can book in to use the GSA Badge Maker by contacting the Grad Groups team or the Reception team. The cost is 40 cents per badge, the first 10 of which are free. Our badge size is 57mm. Use the template below to ensure your badge design fits.


Food handling
The University of Melbourne’s Guides and Forms



Membership/Committee/Bank details template