Grad Group requirements

In order to uphold the minimum obligations of affiliation with GSA, Grad Groups must:

  • declare an accurate and current group size based on a membership list
  • spend GSA funds on SSAF core functions
  • update GSA of any changes in group details, such as committee members or social media accounts
  • communicate about GSA to their students via email/social media and correctly use the Grad Groups logo
  • be timely in responding to GSA requests such as communicating about events or audits
  • hold an Annual General Meeting each year
  • report to GSA annually or twice-annually, dependent on group size
  • inform GSA about events and activities being run by the group

Confirming your group size

Grad Groups must accurately confirm the size of their group with GSA to receive funding. A valid list must include at least the following basic information for each member:

  • Full name
  • Student ID
  • Email address
  • Program of study
  • Degree status at the University
  • Expected completion date

You can download a membership list template here.

Note: In accordance with Victoria’s association laws, groups cannot claim automatic membership (such as faculty cohort). All Grad Groups must ensure that their members are well informed and have given their consent to join the group, and have the opportunity to leave the group at any time.

Updating membership list group size

Grad Groups are required to provide their membership list each year with their regular reporting, and on any occasion when the group size changes enough that it changes the group’s funding category.

Use the Update Us form to submit your updated membership list.

Managing your Grad Group


Your group’s constitution is a document of rules that governs how your group operates. It should outline the group’s executive structure, dispute processes, meetings, elections and purposes. Constitutions are adopted at a general meeting on the group.


Annual General Meetings (AGMs) and Special General Meetings (SGMs) allow your group to make decisions, elect office bearers, present annual reports, or change your constitution or other major details.

Elections are normally held at an AGM. Consult your group’s constitution and election regulations before holding an election. Keep minutes of all these meetings, as they will allow your group to easily report on motions and changes.

You can access Meeting Agenda and Minutes templates here.


Every Grad Group must have a group bank account with at least two authorising signatories. To open or change group bank accounts, or change signatories, your group must pass a motion at a meeting and keep minutes.  You can get a community/clubs & societies bank account with any bank.


One of the core functions of any Grad Group is communicating with its members.

GSA-affiliated Grad Groups must:

  • create a Grad Group-specific email address
  • provide GSA with details of how it communicates with its members, including social media accounts
  • provide GSA with updated committee members’ contact or account details promptly after any change
  • send all members an “affiliation to GSA” message when affiliated, and a reminder message within two weeks of the start of each subsequent semester after that
  • respond in a timely manner to reasonable requests from GSA to send out communications to its members
  • use the Grad Group logo in any communication to members, including website, social media pages and publications.

Keeping GSA updated

It is essential to keep GSA updated about changes in your group’s details, including:

  • committee contact details
  • committee election outcomes
  • constitution (amendments or new adoption)
  • change of bank account

Update us on any changes to your group using the Update Us. Following your AGM, you should complete the Annual Report form (preferably within two weeks of your AGM taking place).

Grad Group logo

The Grad Group logo is a way of showing that your Grad Group is officially supported by and affiliated with GSA, and celebrated as a valued part of the graduate student community. The logo should be used in most of your communication to your members, such as on websites, social media pages, and email signatures or in publications.

Please do not use the original GSA logo; the Grad Group logo is the right way to signal your relationship with GSA. The Grad Group logo should only be used while your affiliation is active. The logo is available for download via the Grad Group Portal.

Download the Grad Groups logo

Full colour (print) Full colour (screen)
Black logo (print) Black logo (screen)
Grey logo (print) Grey logo (screen)
White logo (print) White logo (screen)