Free merch and equipment hire

GSA has merchandise, AV, catering and general events equipment available for Grad Groups to hire free of charge. The list of items is detailed below. All equipment hire and merch is subject to availability and health and safety requirements, as set by GSA.

If you have already submitted your event registration form or are not ready to submit your form and want to inquire, please complete the Equipment hire form to request equipment and merchandise.

Terms of hire

  • Your Grad Group must absorb any costs associated with damaged or lost equipment.
  • Equipment may only be used within the Parkville campus or GSA 1888 Building and Front Lawn as noted.
  • Equipment must be collected from and returned to GSA Reception during office hours.
  • If you require equipment overnight, you must confirm that you have a safe and secure space to store it.
  • If you are transporting larger items, you must have a safe form of transport.
  • All equipment hire is subject to availability and health and safety requirements, as set by GSA.

List of equipment available

General equipment

  • Marquees
  • Picnic blankets
  • Table cloths
  • Trestle tables

AV equipment

  • Large Loud Speaker with two wireless microphones*


Catering equipment

  • Tongs
  • Cleaning products
  • Fire blanket
  • Serving platters
  • Microwave access*

* Available within the GSA 1888 Building and Front Lawn only.


List of merchandise available

Merch options

  • GSA Handbooks: A Guide to GSA Services and the 1888 Building Facilities
  • Bookmarks
  • Stationery (includes highlighters, pens or notebooks)

*All merchandise dependent on stock availability