Final Covid-19 PhD extension policy announcement

Monday 12 October 2020

The University has officially announced its Covid-19 support measures for doctoral candidates on stipends, who were enrolled prior to 1 March 2020. Doctoral candidates can access stipend extensions of up to 12 weeks if significant productivity has been lost due to Covid-19, and up to 26 weeks if a major project restructure has been required.

They have confirmed that applications will be processed in stages. They are currently accepting applications from doctoral candidates whose stipends will expire before 31 March 2020.

All doctoral candidates who commenced prior to 1 March 2020 will have received an email with details on the applications. Further information is also available on the University webpage ‘COVID-19 advice for Graduate Researchers’.

There is currently no limit on the amount of unpaid Covid-19 leave available to graduate researchers.

This announcement does not apply to Masters by Research students. However, Masters by Research students can access Covid-19 leave.


GSA will continue to monitor and advocate on impacts of Covid-19 on graduate researchers. If you are experiencing difficulties with this policy, please contact us so we can provide representational advocacy on resolving this matter. You can contact GSA at regarding student issues relating to Covid-19. For individual assistance or advocacy, please contact the UMSU Advocacy Service.