The University is seeking feedback from graduate researchers on a major amendment to the Management of Research Data and Records Policy.

Under the amended policy, graduate researchers will have the same data management responsibilities as staff researchers. The amended policy will remove the section of the current policy which specifically discusses graduate researchers and joint responsibilities with supervisors.

The following consultation questions may guide your feedback:

  • How do you interpret this change? Do you feel the burden of responsibility has shifted to graduate researchers in ways they can’t meet?
  • Do you think specific clauses around how graduate researchers must interact with their supervisors over data management would benefit or restrict them?
  • Is the policy clear? Are there any clauses that you don’t know how to interpret?
  • Are there any clauses that graduate researchers would struggle to meet without further support?

Further details are available at the University of Melbourne’s Policy Consultation Hub.

Feedback can be sent directly to by COB on Friday 16 July 2021.