Education (Coursework) Officer Nominee:

RISE is the ideal choice to represent your interests on the GSA board and as a part of RISE I will work for improving the university academic experience for you all

I am doing my Master’s with coursework and I understand how overwhelming and challenging it could be for different students. Many professionals coming back to university after a break from education. There could be language barrier and difficulty in understanding the academic writing and reading. As your Education (Coursework) Officer at GSA, I will focus on enhancing your academic journey. In house GSA facilities so that we do not have to wait long for academic skills feedback. Sharing the skills and knowledge in collective events to help each other in reading, writing, and understanding theories and various approaches. Working with many different students across different clubs, I’ll advocate for resources, initiatives, and policies that elevate all our learning experience.

Vote for RISE as we will ensure that decisions benefit all graduate students, families, and the wider community. Our diverse faculty backgrounds equip us to engage with diverse people with respect. We will actively listen to your concerns, ideas, and feedback, advocating for your needs while considering diverse student views.