By Georgia Daly, GSA President, and Brad Knight, GSA General Secretary

Earlier today, Farrago released an article detailing some interactions between our Vice President and his friends.

We know Jacob, and we know that he had no intention of maliciously affecting the outcome of our SGM. Our understanding is that Jacob’s comments have been misconstrued in the context of a very tense political environment.

Whilst GSA appreciates Jacob’s sense of humour, we clearly don’t support stacking. We are, however, in favour of the great Australian tradition of buying your mates a beer (with no strings attached!).

GSA stands behind our people, and Council is unanimous in our support for the changes proposed. We encourage all graduate students to come along and voice their opinions. We also invite all those who vote to join us for a drink afterwards – irrespective of the SGM outcome.

A final note: we all see Jacob very much as a Toby Ziegler type.