Board Member, International Officer, Families Officer, Education (Research) Officer, Environment and Sustainability Officer, Faculty of Engineering and IT Nominee:

As a PhD candidate in infrastructure engineering at the University of Melbourne, I am excited to nominate myself for this position in the Graduate Student Association. Over the past ten years, I have gained valuable experience through various roles, including launching my own startup six years ago. This experience allowed me to develop a range of skills, such as teamwork, reporting, marketing, and project management, which are essential for this position.

In addition, I have been actively involved in the student community as treasurer for three years in a popular club in GSA and as faculty council (FEIT) for two years. I have also been a member of UMIS (University of Melbourne Iranian Society). My goal is to utilize my experience and skills to enhance the condition for graduate research students in the University of Melbourne. I am confident that I will be able to make a positive impact on the Graduate Student Association if given this opportunity.