Fine Arts and Music Faculty Nominee:

I am a graduate student from the School of Art and Music. My name is FAN BU. I am take part as a Student Representative in a committee with the Faculty of Fine Arts and Music. I understand that the responsibility of being a faculty council member is to provide and implement decisions on behalf of the College. I believe that I am well-suited for this role. Firstly, I possess experience as a council member. During my undergraduate studies, I actively participated in numerous voting meetings and student union gatherings, which has granted me a comprehensive understanding of student-related affairs. Secondly, I exhibit a strong sense of responsibility and patience. I maintain amicable relationships with my peers, proactively assist them in addressing academic and lifestyle challenges, and identify prevalent trends among the student population. Lastly, I boast an exceptional academic record, coupled with proficient communication abilities. I have a strong sense of cooperation and high efficiency. Please consider my application.