Tenured Study Space Application Form

Tenured Study Spaces (TSSs) are available in the Doug McDonell Building for currently enrolled University of Melbourne graduate students. Priority is given to students who are in the final stages or other important stages of their course, such as the last 6–12 months for PhD students or the last 3–6 months for master’s and graduate diploma students.

The TSS area has 24-hour access to desks, a kitchenette and a student printer. Each desk has a computer and storage for study items (such as notes or textbooks). They are allocated to successful applicants for 6 months only. Students can apply for an extension of up to 3 months for master’s students and 6 months for PhD students. Students are eligible to apply for one extension only. Tenured Study Spaces are available only once per degree.

Master’s and graduate diploma students who are completing their study more than 6 months from the date of application may be requested to re-apply at a later time. PhD students who are completing their study more than 12 months from the date of application may be requested to re-apply at a later time. Special circumstances are considered on an individual basis.

All applications are considered on a monthly basis by the GSA Services Team.

The TSS application deadlines for 2020 are:

  • 21 February
  • 20 March
  • 24 April
  • 19 June
  • 24 July
  • 21 August
  • 18 September
  • 23 October
  • 20 November

If you have any questions, please contact:
Services Coordinator
Graduate Student Association
Tel: (03) 9035 9681
Email: gsa@gsa.unimelb.edu.au

Please note: TSS usage has a scheduled end-date TBA for 2020. This schedule may be updated if required by the New Student Precinct Project and re-occupation of the 1888 Building.

Apply now

Tenured Study Space Application Form
Please use your University of Melbourne email address.

For extension applications only:

Course details:

i.e. the title of your degree ("Master of Veterinary Science" or "Master of Arts (Research)" or "PhD").

Study space details

There are two types of TSS available: time share and room share.

This room contains a single work-station and one computer where only one person can work in the room at any given time. The work-station is shared between two graduates on a mutually agreed time-share basis. Once allocated a time-share room, occupants are encouraged to regularly discuss and agree on the sharing arrangements.

ROOM SHARE: (only a few available)
This room is shared by 2 or 4 graduates, each person being allocated an individual work area and a computer. More than one person can and is expected to work in the room at any time. A small number of TSS are available on a room share basis.

Please note that while your preferences are taken into account and we will endeavour to meet your needs, we are not able to guarantee that you will be offered your choice of computer, room type or sharing preferences. These preferences are not the primary grounds on which your application is granted or declined.

Maximum 6 months
You cannot apply more than a month in advance.

Supporting documents

The following attachments MUST be uploaded prior to submitting your application. If they are not, your application will be dismissed.
Supporting statement:

Please upload (below) a statement which supports your application. Please clearly state why you need a Tenured Study Space. This statement allows the Services Team to assess and compare applicants' particular needs. You might include the following details:

- Why having a TSS is important to the completion of your degree or diploma;

- Any particular needs which you wish the Services Team to take into account when considering your application, for example cultural/religious requirements, physical conditions; and any information that could affect which TSS you are assigned, particularly anything that may affect your capacity to vacate the building in an emergency (All TSS are located on the 1st floor of the Graduate Centre).

- If you are applying under the special needs of Section 2.1 of the TSS Allocation Policy you should include supporting documentation of your disability or ongoing medical condition with your application. The University's Disability Liaison Unit can provide advice and a supporting letter (8344-7068)

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Statement of Enrolment

Please upload a scanned copy of your current Statement of Enrolment.

(This can be printed at Stop 1 or downloaded from your student portal following these directions: 'My Study Plan' --> 'Current Enrolment' --> 'Email my Statement of Enrolment')

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Please print our declarations form: http://gsa.unimelb.edu.au/wp-content/uploads/2018/01/TSS-Declaration-Form-2017.pdf

This must be signed by yourself, and by your Head of Department/Supervisor. Please then scan it in and upload it below.

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