For most of 2020, GSA will be in the Doug McDonell Building, just a short walk away from the 1888 Building.

This relocation is due to significant refurbishment of the 1888 Building over 8–12 months.

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1888 Building family-friendly spaces

The 1888 Building is a family-friendly environment.

We have:

  • Baby changing facilities
  • A breastfeeding room
  • A family-friendly study space, where you can study while your children play, which is available from 9am–5pm Monday-Friday

GSA’s Family Room is a dedicated space for students with children, who may need a quiet and safe place to study. The room is equipped with toys for children to play with, three computers, and plenty of desk space. If you want to use the Family Room, come to GSA’s reception during office hours to collect the key.

If you need further information, please contact us or enquire at reception!