Meeting rooms

The 1888 Building has meeting rooms for small and large groups, including function space up to 100 people.

Booking costs
  • Study-related bookings for current graduate students are free, and only based on availability.
  • Costs apply for bookings for University staff, clubs or associations.
Booking conditions
  • For free bookings, you are responsible for setting up and packing up the room. Please ensure enough time within your booking period to do this
  • It is your responsibility to ensure the room is left clean and tidy at the end of your booking. Charges can apply if the room requires further cleaning.
  • You must collect the key at the beginning of the booking, and return it at the end. For bookings across multiple days, the key must be returned each day.
  • You can make a booking for a maximum of 5 hours, and cannot book more than 15 hours in a single week
  • You cannot make ongoing bookings more than one week in advance for greater than two hours.
    Room bookings are currently on hold.

Room booking requests are on hold due to GSA’s temporary relocation from the 1888 Building to the Doug McDonell Building.

Updates about room booking in the new location will be available soon. We thank you for your patience.

Gryphon Gallery
Gryphon Gallery

Capacity: 85 (seated), 100 (standing)
Size: 110m2

Location: Mezzanine floor, central 1888 Building

Includes: Yamaha baby grand piano

Pierre Gorman Room

Capacity: 25
Size: 36m2

Location: Room 102 (first floor, central east wing)


Foundation Life Members Room
Foundation Life Members Room (FLMR)

Capacity: 25
Size: 36m2

Location: Room 104 (first floor, central west wing)


Wrigley Room

Capacity: 10
Size: 17m2

Location: Room 116 (first floor west wing)


George Browne Room

Capacity: 10
Size: 17m2

Location: Room 150 (first floor east wing)