Barbecue hire

Portable barbecues are available for hire from GSA Reception. Barbecues must be booked at least 5 business days in advance.

Barbecue booking form

Availability 9am–5pm
Monday to Friday
Locations University of Melbourne Parkville campus only

Venue bookings must be made through the University’s Venue Management service

Price Free for affiliated Grad Groups

Equipment included

The pack includes:

  • 3x tongs
  • 1x spray oil
  • 1x scraper/brush
  • 1x bucket
  • 1x cleaning spray
  • 1x Chux roll
  • 1x paper towel
  • 1x box of gloves
  • 1x BBQ wipes
  • 1x first aid kit
  • 1x fire blanket
  • 1x lighter
  • 1x thermometer
  • 1x tarpaulin

All equipment must be returned clean and in good condition.

Hiring and setup

  1. Fill out the Barbecue booking form or contact GSA Reception at least 5 business days in advance.
  2. Present credit card and student card at GSA Reception and collect the barbecue. Credit card details will be securely stored until the BBQ and equipment is returned.
  3. For safe transport, hang gas cylinder from hooks below the knob side of the BBQ or have a second person to help carry the gas bottle.
  4. Fill the bucket with hot soapy water (using one of the kitchens in the 1888 Building).
  5. Wheel the barbecue to the location on campus.
  6. Ensure the drip draw is secure in the barbecue, remove the lid, and connect the shelves to each side.
  7. Connect the gas line/safety valve to the gas cylinder with the silver knob.
  8. Turn gas cylinder knob fully on (anti-clockwise) and press the gauge on top of the safety valve.
  9. Pour a small amount of soapy water on the connections either side of the gas safety valve.
    • If there are any bubbles, it means there is gas leaking out – if this happens, immediately turn the gas fully off, disconnect the safety valve and carefully repeat step 7 onward.
    • If there are no bubbles, proceed to next step.
  10. Clean the barbecue plate with the spray wire brush provided and rinse with cold water.
  11. Push one barbecue knob downward, turn to low and immediately press igniter button to light burner. If you can see the burner is not lit, turn the gas off at the gas cylinder, wait one minute and repeat procedure. Continue this process until all four burners are lit.
  12. While cooking, check the level of oil in the drip container. If it gets over halfway full, carefully remove the drip draw and empty the oil safely. Caution: the drip draw will be hot. Contents must not be poured into a drain or sink.

Packing up and returning

  1. To shut down, first turn gas off at the cylinder (turn knob clockwise and hand tighten).
  2. Turn all four burner knobs off.
  3. Scrape down plate and put scraps into an appropriate bin.
  4. Empty the drip container into an appropriate bin. Caution: the drip draw will be hot and contents must not be poured into a drain or sink.
  5. After 15 minutes, clean down the plate using the spray and wire brush.
  6. Rinse the barbecue hot plate and clean the rest of the barbecue using the wipes provided.
  7. Leave a thin layer of oil on top of the barbecue to prevent rust.
  8. Wash all the utensils provided using the remaining soapy water.
  9. Empty any additional rubbish into an appropriate bin and place the lid back onto the barbecue plate.
  10. Disconnect the safety valve and gas line from the cylinder using the black knob on the safety valve.
  11. Return the barbecue to GSA Reception at the 1888 Building. Gas bottles are kept outside the building near Gate 8. Ensure that the gas bottle does not come into the 1888 Building with the BBQ.