You’re a graduate student, so there are a few things that are pretty much essential to your life. A good internet connection and a plentiful supply of caffeine are probably the top ones, but having a decent place to get your study done is also up there.

We want all graduate students at the University of Melbourne to have the resources and facilities you need to excel in your courses. That’s why we’re embarking on our #tryingtostudy campaign to make sure you have the best possible access to study spaces suitable for your degrees.

Study spaces on campus: they can be cramped and kind of grim

The University is doing a pretty decent job of improving the number and quality of general study spaces across all campuses.

In the University’s 2015-2020 strategic plan, they highlight the importance of developing high-quality facilities for students on campus, and at Parkville that’s happening through the Baillieu Library’s continuing renovations to create more study spaces. The new Student Precinct Project will also include, among many other things, the construction of more spaces for individual and group study.

However, at the faculty level, it’s a different story.

It is a faculty’s responsibility to ensure that all full-time graduate researchers are provided with a sole-use desk. Part-time research students should have access to shared use of a desk.

Over the last few months we’ve been talking with graduate students about their experiences of study spaces at the University and the feedback we’ve received hasn’t been overwhelmingly positive. While some faculties are doing a great job (here’s looking at you, Science), others not so much.

All graduate students should be able to have a quiet place to study when they need it.

Ever find yourself wondering whether it would just be easier to study on the steps up to South Lawn? Yep, us too.

That’s why GSA is embarking on a mission to ensure that all graduate coursework and research students have appropriate study spaces.

GSA’s representatives on the Libraries and Academic Resources Committee and the Student Precinct Steering Committee will continue to advocate for graduate students and make sure that our needs for study space are met in the construction and renovation work that will be occurring over the next few years.

We’re reaching out to graduate students individually and through our Grad Groups to understand what the situation is in your faculties, schools and departments.

If you’re keen to get involved, get in touch at – and share your study space woes at #tryingtostudy.