Tuesday 21 April 2020

Please join GSA Women’s Officer Eliza Colgrave to discuss student safety and respect with UMSU Women’s Officers Naomi Smith and Aria Sungra, as well as UMSU Sexual Harm Response Coordinator, Dr Patrick Tidmarsh and UOM Policy and Strategy Advisor Dr Celia Scott.

About the guests
Eliza is a member of the Respect Taskforce, the University’s strategic unit responsible for working toward the eradication of sexual assault and sexual harassment amongst both staff and students.

Dr Celia Scott works within Chancellery on policy and project support for student wellbeing.

Dr Patrick Tidmarsh is a leading authority on sexual offending, and the investigation of sexual crime. He has worked in a variety of roles over the past thirty years helping police and other professionals to understand sexual offending and improving responses to both victims and offenders. He is now working as UMSU’s Sexual harm Response Coordinator, and we are very excited to welcome his expertise while discussing student community safety.

Naomi Smith and Aria Sungra are UMSU’s Women’s Officers. Visit the UMSU website for more.

About the series: An Expert Explains

Join GSA and a special guest speaker every Tuesday morning to discuss relevant grad student issues.
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