Tuesday 5 April 2020

In today’s GradChat, CEO Rachna Muddagouni speaks to Professor Kerri-Lee Krause, the Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Student Life) and Deputy Provost. They discuss the issues that are arising for students during this time and go into detail about the resources currently available for students.

Professor Krause explains the three categories of issues that are concerning students during this time and how to approach these issues (11:10), what has been put in place by the university to assist students in being more socially involved and supported during this time (17:20) and advice on how to reach out and take care of our own wellbeing (19:40).

Rachna discusses Uni Mental Health Day and gives advice on maintaining physical and mental health, keeping compassion and maintaining control (34:20) becoming comfortable with discussing our mental health with others and making active efforts to seek help (38:22).