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Monday, 15 Nov at 3:00 pm



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In this workshop, you’ll gain a solid understanding of LGBTQIA+ identities and ways you can build relationships with the LGBTQIA+ community through better understanding, whether professionally, academically or personally.

This workshop is open to ALL people, whether or not they identify as a LGBTQIA+ person. We encourage participation from all walks of life.

What you’ll learn

Some of the key learnings from the workshop include:

• The tools to build safe and inclusive experiences for colleagues and clients.

• Key concepts and definitions of sex, gender and sexuality.

• Evidence based barriers LGBTQIA+ people face at work and accessing services.

• Practical tools to support LGBTQIA+ people interpersonally and professionally.

• LGBTQIA+ lived-experiences via our expert workshop presenters as they talk about their personal journeys being LGBTIQ, trans or gender diverse.

• Australian-based research examining barriers and discrimination.


This workshop is being hosted by Minus 18, experts in the youth LGBTQIA+ field through comprehensive training and lived experience. Their training programs are very well rated, with 95% of participants recommending their talks and training to others.

How to book

Please click the button to the right to book your place at this FREE event – we hope to see you there!